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I first wrote this Testimony in my Journal at fifteen years old. Self published the story in college and sold copies at conferences. Now I bring the third edition of this true Testimony to you! Follow me through the process of this promise, I believe the keys and lessons in this book will inspire and empower you to overcome some of your most challenging trials.

Dive in to this message of my true experience of getting to know the character of the call of God. GOD HAS A CHARACTER? Yes! and he has a personality that can be experienced in a relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In this book learn to know some of the attributes of God on a Deeper level... -Enjoy another of Michael D. Watson's originally printed books and teachings, in this first draft edition writing.

Message about how to overcome temptation and return to a stron place in the Lord. This book examines viewpoints of Fate and Destiny and approaches our personal destiny with God. 

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Teaching and Testimony about vision and how to increase in your gifting with God. 

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An appologetic look at comon themes in Christianity.

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